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Pixel Gun 3D Is Here For Unlimited Fun And Excitement

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Well, I have played many FPS games, but nothing was that much attracting to me, like Pixel gun 3D. The amazing graphics along with so many weapons and armory will make this game a mind boggling option for you. A friend recommended me this game, and thank god, he did that! Even though, it took me some time to download the game and play it, but I was instantly hooked up with it. The interface is extremely simple and designed for the layman. So, even if you are technically challenged, like me; still you can play this game easily. Even now, I make it a point to come back home and dedicate some time for this game.

The pocket edition of this game made it even easier for me. Frankly speaking, I do not have time to sit in front of the PC and play video games, as I am burdened with work. But even after that, few minutes of Pixel gun 3D is enough to rejuvenate my mind and soul. So, the pocket edition helps me to download the game on my mobile and play it whenever I get time. It can be anytime, in between meetings or when in car heading back home, or going to office.

For me, playing this game in the beginning was easy. I want to be honest over here. As killing those zombies was easy at first, so I thought that winning the ultimate prize will not be difficult. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. As the levels start to increase, I started feeling difficult in killing the zombies, cops and thieves, nurses and more. The levels were quite tough, and it was due to the mesmerizing graphics. The graphics of Pixel gun 3D are working to camouflage the enemies, and it becomes hard for me to notice them clearly. That cost me some lives, and I had to play more.

I was truly enjoying the single mode, when suddenly the latest updates came up with multiplayer and cooperative modes. Well, as expected, these modes are as great, and even better than the single ones. Well, sometimes I was losing the game and thought about taking help of pixel gun hack. It helped me a lot initially, and I am grateful for that. But, I made it a point to use hacking tools as my last minute resort, or it won’t take much time to get hooked up to the hacking tools, as well.

After I have killed the zombies, skeletons, nurses and copes successfully, I came in direct contact with the deadly zombie boss. It was really pathetic and I had to fight a lotto mincemeat him. After that, I was given golden coins as bonus points and moved up with the next level. I am really happy to have downloaded pixel gun 3d in my phone and would recommend everyone to do so. However, make sure you have a tablet too, if you want to enjoy the same game in bigger screen and platform. It will be more fun and happening, for sure!